Unique  goals  of IASGO  remain

Improvement of standards of Medical Care by promoting Innovation and Multidisciplinary Approaches for the Treatment of GI Diseases.

Globalization of Current Medical Knowledge.

IASGO strives to to bridge the gap that exists in the quality & standard of medical care worldwide.

Twenty eight years after its inception, the International Association of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists is a vibrant, strong and influential body of surgeons, gastroenterologists, hepatologists, oncologists, endoscopists, laparoscopists, pathologists and radiologists, from over 90 different countries worldwide and with over 1,700 members.

We are proud that our members not only include leading international personalities in the field of GI diseases, but also a younger generation of doctors who share our philosophy and are eager to further our goals.

The IASGO is an active organization. We are active in terms of the promotion of multi-disciplinary co-operation in dealing with the diagnosis and management of GI diseases. We are active in terms of state-of-the-art postgraduate training. We are active in terms of groundbreaking research. And last, but not the least, through the Annual IASGO congresses, the CME Post graduate training courses, the official journals of IASGO (Digestive Surgery and Journal of Translational Medicine and Research), and the IASGO website, we are active in terms of the worldwide provision of the latest medical knowledge and expertise.

All of our activities are guided by our philosophy of "medicine without frontiers" and "health for all".


As we look ahead, we see an exciting future for IASGO. The emphasis is on expansion: the expansion of our clinical trials, with more trials being carried out in more centers; the expansion of the website to offer greater instant access to up-to-the-minute reviews, articles, protocols and videos; the expansion of the journals to include more news, features and readership feedback.


Our final aim is to spread medical knowledge beyond frontiers and to enable as many doctors as possible to share their experience as well as to gain from others around the globe. This can only be achieved by an increase in IASGO memberships and an increase in the involvement of IASGO members in club activities. These are achievable goals, and essential ones for IASGO to remain at the forefront of advances in GI disease management.