Each national IASGO Section has the right to organize advanced training courses on a yearly basis.

In order to establish a national IASGO Section, the necessary pre-requisites are the following:

1. Local recruitment of between 50-100 IASGO members from the medical community of each country (depending of course on the population of each country), both Senior and Junior Members. The annual membership fee for Group Members will be 100 Euros.

2. National IASGO postgraduate educational courses can be hosted, either in a University Hospital, in a private institution-hospital, or a state hospital.

3. The national educational center, in cooperation with IASGO headquarters, has to organize a training program of the highest educational and scientific standard.

4. The national center will involve 4-5 members of the International Medical Faculty of IASGO, always in close cooperation with IASGO headquarters, for each annually organized training course. Invited members of IASGO’s International Medical Faculty should be covered in terms of traveling and hotel accommodation expenses.

5. The national Post-Graduate center has to encourage as national faculty members of IASGO, colleagues of high scientific value and recognition, for their skills and expertise, to serve as speakers in both organized national training courses, but also in other international scientific activities of IASGO.

6. The national center is encouraged to organize clinical trials and to promote basic research, in coordination with other national centers of IASGO.

7. Registration fee for Post-Graduate Courses will be free of charge for national IASGO section members, and between 100-150 Euros for those who are not IASGO members.

8. A diploma will be issued by a number of Universities in Asia and Europe, the IASGO-CME Scientific Committee and the IASGO Executive Board to all IASGO members that successfully pass the necessary examinations.

9. For each CME center the IASGO headquarters will offer a number of travelling fellowships to doctors from the hosting county and nearby countries, whose abstracts will get a high score of distinction based on their scientific value.

10. Each IASGO advanced course has to cover the entire spectrum of abdominal malignancies in a multi-disciplinary way, involving doctors with high skills and expertise in open surgery, laparoscopy, robotic surgery, mini-invasive endoscopy, mini-invasive radiology, and medical oncology; including cancer research, genomics, and translational oncology.

11. Once these prerequisites have been fulfilled, IASGO headquarters will promote the CME course on an international level through the IASGO and Hepato-Gastroenterology websites, and furthermore, will get accreditation for the participants of each course from the European (EACCME) and American (ACCME) Accreditation Councils.

12. A contract will be signed between IASGO headquarters and the local organizers of each national IASGO CME center.

The advantages of having a national IASGO Section, apart from organizing advanced training courses as described above, include also:

-                 National IASGO members, both Juniors and Seniors, enjoy the privilege of educational projects of IASGO, through its travelling, training and teaching fellowships.

Travelling and training fellowships will be given to participants, IASGO Members, from the hosting country, and the nearby countries, who will submit their abstracts for free paper sessions, video demonstrations, clinical cases and posters, reflecting their experience.

Travelling fellowships include coverage of travel expenses and hotel accommodation for 3 nights.

Training fellowships will be of 3-12 month duration, and will be awarded to those of the winners that shall gain the highest distinction for their abstracts.

Teaching fellowships will be given to national IASGO Senior members, that will be involved as invited speakers in IASGO’s international scientific activities, and will cover travel, hotel, and registration fees.

-        National IASGO members will enjoy a 50% discount on registration on courses outside their country, in all IASGO’s training courses and international Congresses.

-        National IASGO members will benefit from free access to the electronic form of the Hepatogastroenterology Journal that will enable them to download all its yearly printed issues.