Examinations will consist of a multiple choice questionnaire based on key lectures at each CME course as well as:

  •  Skill assessment (in laparoscopy)
  • Log-book of operative cases attended/assisted
  •  Research paper submission

 Each topic is discussed and assessed according to the following guidelines:

  • Surgical anatomy, vascular and lymphatic supply
  • Pathology: Pathology of Cancer, molecular biology
  • Diagnosis and staging
  • Adjuvant and neo-adjuvant therapies
  • Surgical management: Techniques and indications
  • Newer modalities and multidisciplinary management

 Eligibility criteria

  • Qualified and registered General, GI, or Oncological Surgeon or completed a minimum of 2 years of specialization in endoscopy or general surgery
  • For Gynaecolocical-oncology:  Qualified and registered Gynecologists or General or Oncological Surgeon.
  • All participants must be full members of the IASGO 
  • CV must outline interest in academic research and a number of relevant scientific and research activities
  •  Recommendation from 2 senior university professors or 2 full IASGO members who are on the faculty list of the IASGO.